ADmit THERAPEUTICS - test for an early AD detection. Alzheimer's disease
test for an early AD detectionAlzheimer's disease
test for an early AD detectionAlzheimer's disease  


ADmit Therapeutics, S.L. is a company focused on the development and commercialization of a novel Alzheimer’s disease (AD) early detection technology.

AD is a hard process for patients and caregivers, a threat for national health systems and emergent countries. AD is an unmet medical need due to impossibility of an early diagnosis and treatment. More than 47 M people are affected worldwide and the incidence will increase in the following years due to the increase in lifespan (130 M patients in 2050 is estimated). Current pharmacological treatments are symptomatic and low effectives without the existence of a curative therapy. There is an AD infra diagnostic in Spain and Europe (above all in mild phase) and it is established with a delay about 12-24 months after the first symptoms. This aspect reduces quality of life in patients and caregivers. Any IVDR for an early AD detection have been implemented in the clinical practice yet.

mission, vision, values

Our mission is to establish a tool for an early AD detection in the clinical practice, covering an unmet medical need.

Our vision is to contribute to the identification of a curative therapy. Our IVDR will be useful for pharmaceutical companies, optimizing the patients' recruitment in clinical trials, and in turn, facilitating the identification of effective drugs for this devastating disease.

Our values are professionalism, rigurosity, efficiency, teamwork, innovation and agility.


ADmit Therapeutics will provide epigenetic services to pharmaceutical companies aiming to conduct clinical trials enrolling AD patients at early stages of the disease.

ADmit Therapeutics’ vocation consists in building a strong portfolio of projects. The first one will be based in the prognosis of AD dementia at Mild Cognitive Impairment stage. But ADmit Therapeutics is also working in complementary fields such as Dementia with Lewy bodies, to make its offer more robust and attractive for future acquisitors.

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